Optimize your branch operations with StaffPro®

With powerful analytics & resource forecasting, task automation capabilities, and a robust reporting engine, StaffPro gives you the best information, to make the best decision, at the right time.

Bring efficiency to your branch resource management.

Manage branch assets, track performance, leverage analytics.


Dashboard analytics measure your operation's activities and performance using data collected from multiple sources to provide you with an instant visual summary of key performance indicators (KPI).


StaffPro's built-in task automation not only allows organizations to streamline their current operations, but also allows for rapid deployment and implementation of new processes and procedures.


StaffPro's enterprise reporting engine delivers business intelligence to any department within an organization. This means individuals at any level or job function can distribute and manage report requirements across their department and application.


Use StaffPro's 3-month and 12-month trend analysis forecasting models (based on predictive requirements by hour and day of the week) to schedule all branch staff, from tellers to platform to management, exactly where they are needed.