Software solutions for your business needs.

Efficient branch office management through optimization of people, processes, and operations. With intelligent dashboards, robust reporting, and innovative forecasting models, our products will give you the tools you need to improve your ROI and streamline your branch operations.

Our products, experience, and unmatched level of service will help your organization understand more, work smarter, and improve profitability.

Here's How.

Understand More

We work to understand the customer's requirements in order to provide cost effective, value added and high quality software solutions for your business needs, resulting in fewer errors and reduced risk.

Work Smarter

Establishing comprehensive relationships with our clients allows us to blend our skills and experience with the client's specialized knowledge, forming a strong, dependable team to address business needs.

Improve Profitability

By using innovative operational forecasting, targeted resource scheduling, and automating redundant tasks, processes, and procedures; we improve operational efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Which Product Is Right For You?

Software for Enterprise Process Automation

Intelligent Process Automation Software To Streamline Operations and Improve Efficiency

NetXed | Enterprise Process Automation

Enterprises which depend upon a set of business rules to maintain stable day-to-day operations.

Enterprises use NetXed to bring structure, organization, and automation to various data and processing tasks used in business operations.

NetXed uses its scheduling, database, file transfer, and other modules to coordinate an efficient process flow resulting in increased profitability.

Read more about NetXed's features.

Software for Banks and Credit Unions

Teller Scheduling, Workforce Optimization, Cash Management, Reporting, Analytics, and more for Banks and Credit Unions

StaffPro | For Banks and Credit Unions

Banks and Credit Unions from small community institutions to a regional branch footprint.

StaffPro is used at Banks and Credit Unions across the country to manage branch staff and operations. From scheduling tellers, float and universal staff to in-depth organizational analytics and much more, StaffPro is an integral piece of software at many financial institutions.

Read more about StaffPro's features.

InfoPortal: Information Management and Collaboration

Cost free, ad free, secure and private cloud service for personal use, businesses and community services.

InfoPortal | Organize - Manage - Finish

Personal Use - Create Infoportals for home, family, kids, social groups and activities.

Businesses can securely collaborate and provide managed access to information external to the company network.

Non-profits and their volunteers, religious organization, charities, creative organizations, etc. can organize, plan, manage and accomplish goals....for FREE.

Examples of possible InfoPortals:

  • A company or business
  • Board of Directors. InfoPortal can provide a secure site external to your company network where Board members can access documents and information for upcoming meetings.
  • Sports club such as a bowling league, fantasy football or soccer team
  • Social group such as a book club, dinner club, game-night or musical group.
  • Non-profit pr community service organization
  • Business networking group
  • Volunteer committees
  • Religious organizations - church, temple, mosque, spiritual group
  • Group of friends
  • Individual