Branch Resource Management

When financial organizations across the country look to optimize their operations, they turn to StaffPro because they know that timing matters. Whether your company is a growing community bank, an established credit union, or any other branch-based business, StaffPro will boost your ROI. With powerful analytics, task automation capabilities, and robust reporting engine, StaffPro gives you the best information, to make the best decision, at the right time. Because timing matters.

StaffPro Features

Reports & Dashboards
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Dashboard Metrics and Enterprise Reporting

Dashboard Metrics measure your operation's activities and performance using carefully collected data and provides you with an instant visual summary of key performance indicators (KPI). They are used to provide a quick status of data being measured. Managers and executives across the entire organization are able to see the whole picture via charts, graphs and tables.

The enterprise reporting engine and security module can provide business intelligence to any department within the organization: Loans, Deposits, Compliance, Human Resources, etc... Individuals at any level or job function can distribute and manage report requirements across their department and application.

Report generation is designed so it can be implemented in small, easy-to-manage steps. Because it shares the interface with StaffPro and is browser-based, the training requirements are reduced. Users quickly learn that they can get exactly the information they need, when they need it, without relying on anyone else to provide it.

Branch Scheduling & Forecasting
StaffPro's Scheduling and Forecasting capabilities can help optimize operations.
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Branch Staff Scheduling and Forecasting

Schedule all branch staff, from tellers to platform to management using our easy to manage Schedule Tools. Branch schedule tools allow management to allocate staff resources exactly where they are needed, based on predictive requirements by hour and day of the week. Teller staff, customer service and universal staff can all be forecasted and scheduled.

Forecasting is based on transaction volumes and work preferences at service and employee levels. The forecasts are supported by short (3 month) and long term (12 month) trend analysis. The Base System is re-calculated monthly and suggests the best schedule that should meet your needs. Weekly schedules can be created well into the future with instant indicators when staff exceeds or falls below recommended levels.

Branch Cash Management
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Branch Cash Management and Ordering

StaffPro's Cash Management for branches is designed to optimize the level of cash maintained in each branch, while reducing the effort branch personnel spend to manage and order cash.

Branches can define recurring schedules and adjustments for cash orders. StaffPro calculates an overall target for branch cash levels, forecast requirements by denomination, then creates an order with recommended buy or sell amounts. It also includes hooks to interface with armored car services to submit the orders electronically.

Float Staff Management
StaffPro provides a built-in automated float staff management module.
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Automated Float Staff Management

Float / flex staff are being increasingly used by financial institutions as a way to manage branch staff more cost effectively. A smaller core of permanently assigned staff are supplemented by employees who work at multiple locations performing different tasks as needed.

StaffPro includes a module to automate scheduling of float staff (teller, platform, loans, etc.). Branches request float staff for specific date ranges and times, and optionally specific skill sets. Designated employees within a geographic area are examined and scored by StaffPro on multiple criteria, and the “best-fit” employee assigned. A Float Management page lets float administrators see or change a rolling two-week schedule of all float staff.

StaffPro's Forms module makes data entry and integration simple, efficient, and reduces errors.
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With StaffPro’s powerful forms capability, organizations can cut down on time spent defining, preparing, completing and validating forms. Forms are easily defined and flexible, with sophisticated field-level validations and processes. Time to complete, time to manage and error rates are all reduced.

StaffPro Forms can have any number of pages and fields, and are organized into digital folders, creating a flexible enterprise forms repository. Folders of forms can be assigned to employees or locations, either on-demand or on an automated schedule. This allows an organization to manage processes from assignment to completion, enabling management to identify key points to optimize.

Information in the Forms module can be exchanged with fill-in PDF documents in both directions. Data entered in StaffPro can be used to populate PDFs, or information from a fill-in PDF can be imported into StaffPro. This allows organizations to fully integrate existing documents and forms into StaffPro’s infrastructure. All form information is automatically consolidated in structured database tables. Using StaffPro’s data interchange capability allows forms to be pre-populated from external data sources, or form information exported to other systems.

Tiered Performance Measurement
See an example of StaffPro's TPM report.
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Performance Measurement

StaffPro includes Tiered Performance Measurement (TPM) a flexible module to measure performance for any service (teller, platform, loans, etc.). Any number of metrics can be defined for each service, to produce objective monthly scores for employees or branches. StaffPro can securely integrate payroll information to calculate cost-per-transaction or compare metrics such as paid time, scheduled time, or actual work performed. TPM lets you identify and reward high performing employees or locations, or provide additional training where needed.