NetXed Features

Modular, Configurable, Customizable

NetXed is a framework through which business functions and automation can be delivered. Many features and functions can be defined through Administrative pages without support from internal IT or services from Point Enterprises. When more complex customization is needed, NetXed is designed to accommodate it at many levels without disrupting the core system.

Process Automation

Process automation covers a broad range of possibilities from scheduling a simple task to complex processes involving many different systems. NetXed applies several different technologies working together, so that the right tool is used to solve each part of a problem. End-users work with a consistent easy-to-learn environment no matter how complex the processes are behind the scene.


Distilling and delivering information is a key requirement in any modern business. NetXed includes an enterprise reporting engine to deliver formatted reports. In addition, the NetXed Viewer provides snapshot database queries or imported text documents with the ability to export the information to Excel or PDF documents.

Business Analytics

For information to be used productively it must be accessible in a format users can interpret quickly. NetXed includes a flexible and extensible Dashboard module. There can be multiple dashboards, each tied to an organizational hierarchy. Dashboards contain any number of charts or tables, with the right information presented for each level of the organization.

Forms and Tasks

NetXed Forms and Tasks are a combination of data entry forms, PDF documents and a scheduler. Forms can have any number of pages and fields, organized into digital folders, effectively creating a related set of tasks. NetXed Forms include extensive field-level validations and integrated processes to support automation of tasks, from simple to highly complex. Folders of forms can be assigned to groups or locations, either on-demand or on an automated schedule, creating a flexible enterprise forms repository.

Information in the Forms module can be exchanged with fill-in PDF documents in both directions. Data entered in Forms can be used to populate PDFs, or information from a fill-in PDF can be imported into Forms. This allows organizations to fully integrate existing documents and forms into NetXed’s infrastructure. All form information is automatically consolidated in the NetXed database. Using the data interchange capability allows forms to be pre-populated from external data sources, or form information exported to other systems.

With NetXed’s powerful forms capability, organizations can cut down on time spent defining, preparing, completing and validating information. Form completion time, form management time and error rates are all reduced. This allows an organization to manage processes from assignment to completion in an efficient and highly automated manner, allowing management to identify key points to optimize.

Performance Measurement

To maximize the benefit of productivity improvement it is important to not only make the tasks that employees must perform more efficient, but help employees get better at it over time. NetXed includes Tiered Performance Management (TPM) to enable creating scorecards for employees, departments or functions. Any number of metrics can be associated with a given scorecard, with the end result an objective monthly score. This lets management reward high performing employees or departments, and identity places where additional training is needed.

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